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SpaceX has started sending citizens into space!

On September 15, 2021, SpaceX will send citizens into space with the mission Inspiration4. Space tourism begins! The Mission Inspiration4, organized and funded by the entrepreneur Jared isaacman, Characterized as "the first mission of citizens on track»And represents a new type of space tourism.

Inspiration4 space tourism
SpaceX will send citizens into space with the mission Inspiration4. Space tourism begins!

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The four crew members will not be the first tourists in space for this year. In recent months, we have been watching billionaires Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos to travel themselves and a few more lucky ones into space on short trips. However, the case of the Inspiration4 mission is different as it aims to send ordinary citizens into space for the first time.

But the biggest difference between Inspiration4 and the flights that took place earlier this year is the destination.

Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic only carried their passengers to the beginning of space before returning to land a few minutes later. The rocket Falcon 9 and the vehicle Crew Dragon SpaceX, however, are strong enough to carry the Inspiration4 crew into orbit, where they will orbit the Earth for three days.

The four-person crew is also quite different from the others. Led by Isaacman, the mission involves a slightly different group of people. A crew member, the Sian Proctor, won a competition between people using Isaacman online payment company. Another unique aspect of the mission is that one of its goals is to raise awareness and funding St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Therefore, Isaacman chose Hayley Arceneaux, medical assistant at St. Jude and childhood cancer survivors, to also participate in the mission. The last member, o Christopher Sembroski, won his place when his friend was selected in a charity draw for the hospital and offered his place to Sembroski.

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Because none of the four participants have any formal astronaut training, the flight was named the first "civilian" space mission. While the rocket and crew capsule are both fully automated, the four members had to undergo more training than the people who made the previous space flights. In less than six months, the crew has attended hours of training in a simulator, flight lessons with an aircraft and spent time in a centrifuge to prepare for the G-forces of the launch.

SpaceX has started sending citizens into space!

The charitable aspect of the mission has softened the criticism that such missions usually receive.

Sending a crew of amateur astronauts into orbit is an important step in the development of space tourism. However, despite the more inclusive sense of mission, there are still serious obstacles that must be overcome before ordinary people can go into space.

Initially the cost remains quite high. The need for training for such a mission also means that prospective passengers must be able to devote considerable time to preparation, a time not available to many ordinary people.

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Finally, space remains a dangerous place and there will never be a way to completely eliminate the risk of sending people, whether uneducated civilians or experienced professional astronauts, into space.

Despite these restrictions, space tourism is coming. For SpaceX, Inspiration4 is an important testament to the idea, which it hopes will further demonstrate the safety and reliability of autonomous rocket and capsule systems. Indeed, SpaceX has planned several tourist missions in the coming months, although the company does not focus on space tourism. Some will even include stops on the International Space Station.

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