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The ACSC reports a 28% reduction in overall cybersecurity cases

It is not uncommon in cybersecurity for an indicator to decline, but according to Annual Cyber ​​Threat Report of ACSC, this happened.


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For the fiscal year 2020-21, the Australian Cybersecurity Center (ACSC) dealt with 1.630 incidents, or about 31 per week. Compared to the previous financial year, the total number of cybersecurity incidents in the financial year 2020–21 decreased by 28%.

Other good news includes that ACSC did not have to respond to any incidents in the first three of the six event scoring categories. Last year, it reported one individual Category 1 incident and four Category 2 incidents.

However, ACSC noted that other categories had a higher rate this year with category 4 accounting for 49%, up from 35% last year.

"The highest rate of ACSC responses to low-level malicious activity, such as targeted identification, e-fishing, or loss of non-sensitive data, accounted for more than half of all cybersecurity incidents.", The report states.

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The report highlighted the growing amount of financial losses associated with e-mail breaches (BECs), although the number of BEC incidents decreased. Total losses reached AU 81,5 million, an increase of 15% and the average loss for each successful BEC transaction increased to 54% to AU $ 50,600.


About the attacks ransomware, the report said there was a 15% increase with nearly 500 ransomware reports for the year.

Overall, the ACSC reported a 13% increase in cybercrime reports during 2020-21 to 67.500, with its minute count declining from one report every 10 minutes to one every 8 minutes.

«A higher rate of cyber security incidents this fiscal year was described by the ACSC as "substantial" in impact. This change is partly due to the increased reporting of cybercrime attacks on larger organizations and the observed impact of these attacks on victims, including several cases of data theft and / or offline services.", The report states.

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Queensland spearheaded crime reports in cyberspace, followed by Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia and South Australia. Although following the absolute numbers, WA and SA reported higher average financial losses. In total, the self-reported financial losses exceeded AU 33 billion.

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