HomesecurityAn error in Google Chromebook causes a black screen after connecting

An error in Google Chromebook causes a black screen after connecting

Google has fixed an error in the Chromebook that caused the screen to turn black.

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Google Chromebook error

Google Tech has developed a patch for the server to fix the bug on some user accounts that can't connect to Chromebook devices and see a black screen. Customers who are still experiencing problems should contact technical support for assistance.

The company acknowledged this issue to Google Customer Service Portal yesterday, following several reports of users not being able to access their accounts.

«We know of problems for users who cannot connect to Chrome OS devices and return to the login screen. The technical department continues to investigate this issue", The company stated yesterday.

Chromebook customers have reported that they could not connect to their devices through various channels, including the Google Help community and social media.

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Some incoming reports showed that 80% of users on a network were unable to connect as they were automatically redirected to the login screen.

Others reported that the only sign that the Chromebook was activated was screen, even though it was completely black.

black screen

"I can still change the brightness, but nothing else", States a comment. "I tried closing it and resetting it with the refresh button and the power button. Nothing worked."

"I tried to turn it off completely (Holding down the button for 30 seconds) and tried resetting (Holding the refresh button and then pressing the power button) but neither worked", Says another report.

Two months ago, Chromebook users had another serious problem that prevented them from connecting to their devices after updating to Chrome OS 91.0.4472.165.

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However, as mentioned above the company has now fixed the bug with the black screen on Chromebooks and users should now have access. For those who continue to have issues, we recommend contacting technical support to resolve them on a case-by-case basis.

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