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Amazon USA: Hiring 125.000 people for $ 18 an hour

The giant in the field of e-commerce Amazon plans to move on hiring 125.000 people for a fee of $ 18 per hour.

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Amazon USA: Hiring 125.000 people for $ 18 an hour

Amazon said Tuesday it plans to create 125.000 jobs nationwide. The company said that for the specific jobs (warehouses and delivery) the employees will receive on average $ 18 per hour. The COVID-19 pandemic has created new conditions. With people turning to online shopping, e-commerce companies looking for new staff to meet demand.

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Earlier this month, Amazon announced the hiring 40.000 people for office work and technology positions. Since the pandemic began, the company says it has hired 450.000 workers across the country.

While Amazon's initial employee pay is $ 15 an hour, the company said it will offer μπόνους in some locations. Some positions could be remunerated with up to $ 22,50 the hour.

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This year, Amazon said it has opened more than 250 new warehouses, airport hubs and facilities in the US, and plans to open an additional 100 facilities in September.

Amazon USA: Hiring 125.000 people for $ 18 an hour

Dozens of companies from Walmart up to Target have begun to offer incentives such as higher rewards, bonuses and educational benefits in employees in order to integrate them into their staff. All this in order to be able to respond to the conditions created by COVID-19. Amazon is no different. Last week, the e-commerce company said that from January 2022 it will covers Mr.in university tuition fees 750.000 employees after completing three months of work.

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Few words about Amazon

Amazon is an American multinational group focused on e-commerce, but also in other areas such as cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence. It belongs to the so-called Big five US companies, along with Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook. It was founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994. Launched as an online book market but has expanded into the sale of electronics, software, video games, toys, clothing, furniture and food. Today, it is one of the largest companies in the world.

Source: CNBC

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