HomesecurityFTC: Blackmailers target the LGBTQ + community in dating apps

FTC: Blackmailers target the LGBTQ + community in dating apps

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) warns of blackmailers targeting the LGBTQ + community through online dating apps such as Grindr and Feeld.

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As revealed by the FTC, fraudsters appear as possible flirts in LGBTQ + dating applications, sending personal photos and asking their targets to reciprocate.

If they fall prey to scammers, the victims will be blackmailed into paying ransom, usually in gift cards, at the risk of leaking their sexual images.

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The FTC advises LGBTQ + dating app users to avoid sharing revealing photos unless they are sure who is at the other end of a conversation or with people they have just met online.

Those who actively use such applications should take steps to protect themselves against such fraud attempts:

  • Check who you are talking to.
  • Do not share personal information with someone you just met in a dating app.
  • Do not pay fraudsters to destroy photos or chats. There is no guarantee that they will.

Online dating platforms including Grindr and Feeld have warned their users in the past to know that scammers may be targeting them.

For example, Grindr warns that “social media and dating apps are a primary target for hacker"as scammers seek to exploit people who want to have a meaningful relationship."


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Feeld urges users to "always be careful when sharing personal information such as their real name, phone number, address or any other personal information" and "never succumb to payment requests from other members, as these may are attempts at identity theft or financial fraud ”.

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