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Steve Wozniak: Founds his own space company called Privateer

Steve Wozniak space company

Bezos and Musk will face a new opponent. THE Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, seems to starts his own space company called Privateer.

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On Sunday night, Wozniak wrote on Twitter: "A private space company starts, different from the others“. There is also one in the post video advertising the new company Privateer. In the video, phrases like “We will go far together","we will solve problems together","we are a planet","we are human beings and we must do what is right and good","we are here to take care of what we have, so that the next generation is better together".

Steve Wozniak did not give further details about the space company. Just post the video which shows footage from space, Earth, fires, smoke clouds from factories, people reaching for the sky, a child in an astronaut costume and more.

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The Privateer site is located at stealth mode, but states that more details about the company will be announced at AMOS Tech 2021 conference, which starts today in Maui, Hawaii and lasts until the end of the week.

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Steve Wozniak Privateer

According to the description of the video on YouTube, o Steve Wozniak co-founded Privateer with Alex Fielding, a member of the first iMac team.

However, Steve Wozniak's vision may not be the same as theirs Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos. Woz is probably not interested in conquering space, on the contrary, he may plan to "clear space".

This would be very useful, as the problem with "space junk" it is big. Space exploration also has some downsides. Pieces of satellites, rockets and much more are located above the Earth. In 2019, the NASA described Earth's low orbit as "the largest landfill in the world."

Source: Gizmodo

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