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Fortnite Season 7 finale event: Kevin the Cube is back!

Fortnite season 7 Kevin the Cube

The players of the popular online video game Fortnite have spent the entire seventh season of the game facing a major alien threat. Now it's time for the aliens to face the threat of the players, after invading the alien mothership and releasing dangerous glowing cubes in the finale event of Fortnite Season 7 that took place yesterday.

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One of the most interesting elements of the finale event was the return of an old acquaintance Kevin the Cube. From its first appearance in 2018 where it was mysteriously created, until its explosion, which took the players to another dimension, The Kevin the Cube was one of the most interesting things that came out of her Battle Royale game epic Games. Players love the cube. His possible return had been discussed in the past. The players wanted to know where the cube was and what it was doing.

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Fortnite final event Season 7
Fortnite: Kevin the Cube returns to the explosive Season 7 finale event

At yesterday's special finale event of season 7 of Fortnite Kevin the Cube is back but he also had some friends.

In the final moments of Fortnite season 7, players were transported to the alien mothership that roamed the island for a final attack. The enigmatic Dr. Sloan made players reach a certain point to detonate explosives. Players ran through various corridors into the mothership until they reached a large, empty room. At the time that Dr. Sloan started detonating the explosives, one large cube began to appear in the center of the room.

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Utilizing the power of backpacks, Dr. Sloan manages to exhaust the power of Kevin the Cube. However, left the players there along with the huge cube. At that moment, Dr. Sloan announces some bad news. Instead of teleporting players home and risking the cube escape, leaves them helpless in the mothership.

In an attempt to see what they will do, Fortnite players find that their backpacks have been able to give Kevin the Cube strength again. The players gathered near the cube to join forces and managed to revive the cube, which began to shine again. The room in which the players were trapped began to rise in the air. They were found in another place, where other cubes appeared around. Then there was an explosion. The end of 7th season Chapter 2 of Fortnite finds players and cubes to fall from the mothership. The sequel to Fortnite Season 8!

Source: Kotaku

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