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Shipping several Apple products is delayed

Several Apple products, including recently released devices, are experiencing delays in their shipping times, a possible sign that the continued lack of chips could significantly affect Apple and its products.

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The CEO of Apple Tim Cook, warned that the lack of chips that has plagued the industry in recent months will affect iPhone shipments this year. While Cook probably referred to limitations in the coming iPhone 13, the shortage could also apply to existing models.

Before an expected upgrade or update, current and next-generation devices are expected to run out as Apple leaves room for newer models. As a result, selected iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 configurations have up to two weeks delayed shipments.

Likewise, throughout the series Apple Watch, some models of the 6 Series aluminum case are at least three to four weeks behind, while stainless steel models are completely exhausted or at least three weeks behind. Next Tuesday, 14 Σεπτεμβρίου, Apple is expected to release the iPhone 13 and Apple Watch Series 7 to replace existing models.

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While the iPhone and Apple Watch will be updated soon, which is likely to lead to delayed shipments, other products are less certain. For example, the 21,5-inch iMac, powered by Apple's M1 silicon chip, is currently at least three to four weeks behind. In fact, all Apple M1 silicon chip products are currently experiencing some form of lag.

For example, depending on the configuration, the 13-inch MacBook Air M1, MacBook Pro, Mac mini and the 11-inch and 12,9-inch iPad Pro are listed three days or up to a week back in shipping. Under normal circumstances, depending on the location, the products may be available for same day delivery.

Apple's M1 silicon chip was announced in November last year and since its announcement, Apple has expanded it to more products, including the iPad Pro.

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In recent months, several reports have shown that Apple suppliers are finding it difficult to keep up with demand. In particular, the company's suppliers for mini-LED screens that will be used in upcoming MacBook Pros are said to have struggled to reach satisfactory production levels, possibly pushing Apple to invest in the supply of additional suppliers.

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