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Ray-ban Stories: Everything about Facebook's "smart camera glasses"

The Facebook collaborated with Ray-Ban to create the new smart sunglasses, Ray-Ban Stories (smart glasses). The idea of sunglasses with camera is already known since 2016, when the Snapchat Spectacles by Snap.

Facebook Ray-Ban Stories

However, the news of the creation of these glasses did not delight everyone. The words "Facebook" and "glasses" create various associations. Many think “Secret glasses with cameras espionage".

But let's look at more details about Facebook's new Ray-Ban Stories glasses. First, the glasses do not send or publish data directly to your Facebook or Instagram. They come out photos and short videos and send them to a special application on your phone (iOS or Android) connected to the glasses via Bluetooth.

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This application is called View and there you can see all the videos and pictures. In addition, you can edit, there they are download on your phone, to them upload to Facebook and take them send elsewhere through the image sharing options offered by your phone.

Photos and videos look pretty good. Ray-Ban Stories glasses have 5 megapixel camera, along with some processing procedures which help to make the images look clearer. It is also said that the photos are quite good in low light and image stabilization is quite effective for downloading good videos. Facebook glasses can be pulled 30 second video, but there are some basic tools in the View app that allow you to link videos together, much like editing.

There are speakers on the sides of the glasses, which are activated by touch. It is easy to use and is really a useful feature, as it allows you to listen to something without bothering with headphones. In addition, because it does not enter the ear, you can hear outside noises, which is good if you are on the road and want to hear what is happening in your environment (eg cycling, driving).

There is also, microphone and voice assistant.

Facebook Ray-Ban Stories are charged in their case, which is slightly larger than a regular sunglasses case. They can work for about 6 hours of moderate use before recharging is required. Their weight is equivalent to that of conventional sunglasses.

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But what about privacy, what definitely worries most users when they listen to Facebook and camera glasses?

The privacy features for glasses users are decent. Privacy features for the rest of the world not so much.

The View app requires one Facebook account for connection, but the content being recorded is not directly linked to your account. Videos and photos stored locally on your phone, are not sent to Facebook servers or the cloud. Basically, if you do not choose to post these photos on Facebook, Facebook may not see them or have anything to do with them.

The problem, however, is elsewhere. Your data and images may be secure from Facebook, but the real danger is for the rest, as you can take videos or take pictures without anyone realizing it, with your Ray-Ban Stories.

Photographing people without their knowledge is usually just creepy, but it can be done dangerous. A vengeful ex or jealous partner could use this technology to threaten, blackmail or embarrass someone.

The sleek design makes them look like regular sunglasses. The two small black camera lenses in the corners are not easy to spot unless someone is watching you up close. In a crowd, it is unlikely that people will notice that they are not normal sunglasses. In addition, Facebook does not have its name on smart glasses to arouse suspicion. This is the whole point of working with Ray-Ban! The glasses look normal!

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Facebook smart glasses

To make it clear to attendees that you are filming with the glasses camera, there is one small white LED light, which illuminates every time the camera is turned on. However, it is very small and may not be perceived. In addition, one could cover it with film. However, this violates the terms of use of the glasses, according to a Facebook representative.

On the other hand, these Facebook smart glasses, Ray-Ban Stories, may be useful to some. For example for parents who can immortalize their children without holding phones and cameras.

Ray-Ban Stories are priced at $ 299

Source: BuzzFeed News

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