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Razer's new Basilisk V3 mouse has been released with many features

Razer's new Basilisk V3 wired gaming mouse has been released with more features than its predecessor, as well as a slightly lower price. It is now available in Razer, Amazon and Best Buy online at $ 69,99, a $ 10 drop from generation to generation.

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Basilisk V3 Razer

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Its scroll wheel houses the biggest improvements, borrowing a trick from its G502 Lightspeed and G502 Hero Logitech. A button mounted on the wheel of the Basilisk V3 can alternate between a scalable scroll function that offers tactile feedback and a free rotation function that allows you to scroll freely on the page. There is also an optional feature in Razer Synapse software that automatically switches between the two modes depending on the inertia of your scroll, activating the high-power spin feature or keeping it engraved during more relaxed line-by-line scrolling.

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The change that makes the Basilisk V3 different from the V2 is the new Chroma RGB lighting, one of Razer's top styles. The Razer logo, the scroll wheel liner and the translucent liner on the bottom of the mouse can be illuminated. Also, the side-mounted DPI sensitivity switch is "fixed" on the V3, while it was optional on the V2. The V3 lacks the lower dial of the V2 that adjusts the volume of the scroll wheel, but the new free spin option is a worthy replacement option.

Interestingly, Razer is working harder to reach a wider audience. While the Basilisk V3 is clearly a gaming mouse in terms of specs and overall design, it can appeal to other users who wanted Razer Pro Click to focus more on productivity with as many features as this wired mouse.

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