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New stunning photo of the Earth by an ISS astronaut

A new stunning photo of our planet, taken from space, has come to light. The new photo of the Earth comes from him Thomas Pesquet, a French astronaut currently residing inside International Space Station (ISS).

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New stunning photo of the Earth by an ISS astronaut

The International Space Station has been in orbit for 22 years.

Pesquet, Engineer at the European Space Agency (ESA), is one of the members of the mission SpaceX Crew-2 and her 65 Expedition of NASA, which started at the station in April. It is his second space flight and he is known for taking and delivering some impressive and at the same time surreal images of our planet.

The new image it presents is perhaps the most impressive of all so far.

Taken from the dome of the ISS, which acts as an observatory, the photo of Pesquet shows the Earth with the lights of cities "fighting" with the light from distant stars. The orange band around the Earth is, according to the astronomer Juan Carlos Munoz, the emission of sodium atoms, about 90 kilometers above the surface of our planet.

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There is also a faint green line, just above the orange band, which is created by oxygen atoms.

This is a very interesting photo of the Earth and in fact taking such an image is not easy. The French astronaut explained that it was very difficult.

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"Not only that, as a photographer you have to stay extremely still while holding the camera, it is also that the International Space Station moves so fast that there is some movement anyway", Pesquet explains in the caption of his photo. The ISS travels with speed over 17.000 miles per hour and completes an orbit above the Earth every 90 minutes or so.

The third mission is expected during the Halloween season SpaceX Crew-3 in the ISS. Thomas Pesquet will take over as commander at the end of October when the four-member Crew-3 crew arrives at the station.

Source: CNET

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