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How to share your site with Facebook Messenger

"Where are you;" We have all asked or been asked this question at some point. Fortunately, with smartphones, it is easy to share your exact location with others. We will show you how to do it with Facebook Messenger.

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This feature works for Facebook Messenger on devices iPhone, iPad and Android. It's a quick and easy way to send a location to someone or even let them track your movements on a map. This is a handy trick you need to know.

First, open the conversation for the group or person you want to share your location with.

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Then tap the four-dot icon on the left side of the bottom toolbar.

Select "Location" from the menu.

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You have some options here. You can share any specific site by searching for it. This is convenient when you tell someone how to get somewhere.

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To share your location, you can either share your live location, which shows your traffic on a map, or just share your current static location. For the first, just click "Start Sharing Live Location".

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Your live site will be shared for 60 minutes by default. To end it before time runs out, just click "Stop Sharing Live Location".

To share your specific static location - or a location you can't find by searching - tap the pin icon.

You can now move the map and click "Send Location" when the pin is at the point you want to share.

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That's all there is to it! Recipients will be able to track your live location on a map or open the location you sent to the map app of their choice. It's a lot easier than typing in addresses or constantly updating your site status.

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