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The documentary "Being James Bond" is available for free on Apple TV

As part of the long-awaited and long overdue release of Daniel's Craig's latest James Bond film - No Time to Die - the studio has released a 45-minute documentary "Being James Bond", featuring Craig's career as a world-renowned spy.

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Being james bond

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The special documentary "Being James Bond" is available exclusively on Apple TV as a free rental from September 7 to October 7. This is not part of Apple TV +, it is just a marketing promotion running in the Apple TV (iTunes Store) app in collaboration with MGM.

To watch it, you just need a device that can access the content of the iTunes Store, which includes Apple devices and through the TV application on platforms such as Amazon Fire, Roku, PlayStation, Xbox and others. You may need to set up an Apple ID if you do not already have one. Alternatively, you can simply "rent" the "Being James Bond" documentary for $ 0,00 through the app to watch it.

The movie contains material that you have not seen in the Casino Royale archive, as well as gives you some pictures from the movie No Time to Die.

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Assuming COVID-19 does not delay the release of the film again, No Time to Die will premiere on October 8.

Source of information: 9to5mac.com

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