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Google Sheets: How to use and customize a theme

If you want to make your spreadsheet look attractive, use a theme. In Google Sheets, you can choose a ready-made theme that has been created, as well as customize it to suit your style.

Google Sheets

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About topics in Google Sheets

Themes in Google Sheets only apply to specific areas and items in your sheet.

  • Font style and color grid text, graphs and pivot tables
  • Color link from grid text
  • Background color in graphs
  • Series color in graphs
  • Background color in pivot tables

Subject notes

In addition to the above, here are some things to keep in mind before deciding to use a theme.

  • When you customize a theme, the latest version is saved.
  • If you customize the sheet formatting after applying a theme, this formatting will override the theme.

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Apply a theme to Google Sheets

Now if you are ready to use a built-in theme to create your spreadsheet, sign in to Google Sheets and open the sheet.

Click Format> Theme from the menu.

When the Themes sidebar opens, you will see a nice collection of options. You currently have more than 15 themes from Retro and Groovy to Energetic and Earthy. Click on the theme you want to use and it will apply immediately to your sheet.

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Customize a theme in Google Sheets

You may come across a theme that you like, but you prefer to modify it a bit. On the Themes sidebar, click "Customize" at the top.

Google Sheets

You can start by choosing a different style in the Font drop-down box. Choose from six font styles, such as Arial, Georgia and Verdana.

Then you can choose the colors of the theme. For each option, select a color from the palette or click "Custom" to enter a Hex code or use the slider for the exact color you want.

You can choose colors for the text, graph background and hyperlinks. This gives you a great way to personalize the sheet for your business or organization.

As you make changes, you can see them immediately in the theme preview at the top of the sidebar as well as in your current sheet.

Google Sheets

When done, click "Done" at the top of the sidebar. You will also notice that the theme name changes to Custom and this option appears at the top of the list.

So if you want to try a different theme and decide you want the custom theme back, you can just pick it. Any theme adjustments you make are valid only and are available in your current workbook.

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