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Turn off "Shared With You" on iPhone and iPad

Integrating into software and applications is usually a good thing for a user, but there are times when this feature can be annoying. And the iPhone function Shared with You for apps like Messages, Safari and Photos it could be just that.

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Starting from iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, Apple is taking steps to integrate iMessage with other applications such as Photos, Music, TV and Safari. All of these apps have a new Shared with You section, which includes links and content shared via iMessage.

For example, if someone shares a link in an article, you will see it when you open their homepage Safari.

And the worst part is that it does not disappear after you open the link. If you are bothered by this feature, you can turn it off completely or for a specific application.

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To get started, open the application “SettingsOn your iPhone or iPad.

Go to the section "Messages".

Select the section “Shared with You".

If you want to turn off the whole function, turn off the function “Automatic sharing".

To deactivate the function per application, you can deactivate the application "Music", "TV", "Safari" or the application "Photos".

Now, when you open this application, the "Shared with You" section will not be anywhere!

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If you want to re-enable the feature, you can go back to Settings> Messaging> Shared with You and from here, you can enable "Automatic sharing" for this application.

All your links and photos will now remain in the Messages application. And if you have too many messages, try deleting old messages from iPhone or iPad you.

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