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iPhone 13: Satellite communications available in selected markets

Last week, the reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported that the new series Apple iPhone 13 will support LEO satellite communications, which means users will be able to make calls and send messages, even when there is no 4G / 5G network coverage. Then, the Mark Gurman of Bloomberg gave more details about this very useful feature and its application.

In his Power On newsletter, Gurman gives more information and says that iPhone 13 satellite communications will only be available in select markets.

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"Emergency features will work only in areas without mobile network coverage and only in selected markets. Apple envisions eventually developing its own line of satellites for transmitting data to devices, but that plan may be years away".

It also says that Apple will not allow iPhone users to make calls without network coverage (as opposed to the rumor that had circulated).

"Some have asked me if these new features mean that the iPhone can be used as a satellite phone and if it has the ability to make calls anywhere in the world without network coverage. The answer is a resounding no. This is not happening now, next year or at some point in the near future".

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iPhone 13 satellite communications

Gurman explains that this feature requires hardware that is not yet ready. It would also be "expensive and could provoke reactions from the carriers on which Apple relies".

According to his report Bloomberg, Apple is working on two things: the transmitting emergency text messages and sending SOS distress signals for crises, such as plane crashes or shipwrecks, in remote areas.

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Apple will obviously allow satellite communications embedding emergency messages in the Messages application. This way users will be able to communicate with emergency services and close friends, even when they have no signal on their mobile. Nothing is certain about phone calls.

According to the report, connecting to a satellite requires the user to be outside. It may take up to a minute for it to receive a signal.

Apple is expected to officially present the new iPhone series in one event within the month. Therefore, we will see soon if the company will bring satellite communications to the iPhone 13 and what exactly they will allow.

Source: 9to5mac

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