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Facebook has added sports and cultural fantasy games

Facebook just he said that adds a new feature called Facebook Fantasy Games. The function comes in the application for iPhone and Android in the US and Canada and it looks quite fun.

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Facebook's new fantasy games have to do with anticipating various sporting and artistic cultural events with your friends, to see who knows more. Unlike most fantasy sports event sites, Facebook also launches culture games so that even people who hate sports can have fun.

The company said its games have "simpler formats to make it easier for people who are just starting out in prediction games to play, while still being attractive enough for more experienced players". Many fantastic sports events services require you to be an avid fan and it sounds like Facebook is trying to cater to even the simplest fans who will not study every detail.

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Like any good fantasy game, what Facebook has to offer will allow you to compete with your friends, guessing at whatever theme you choose.


The first game Facebook is called "Pick & Play Sports" and it has to do with predicting the winner of a particular game, the points earned by a top player or specific events that occur during a particular match.

Facebook also announced a set of games to come later. Fantasy Survivor is released for the popular reality show, MLB Home Run Picks, Fantasy: "The Bachelorette" and LaLiga Winning Streak.

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If this is released, we could see Facebook add all sorts of different fantasy games to its Android and iPhone applications. Between fantasy, reality and sports shows, Facebook has many options to choose from.

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