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Instagram: Requires other data from users - their birthday

Instagram's insatiable thirst for your personal data continues: it wants to know when your birthday is.

Facebook-owned social networking platform announced on Monday that, in the future, users will have to submit their birthday to the company. If they do not wish to comply, then they will not be able to use the service.


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"We will show you a notification a few times and if you have not given us your birthday by a certain point, you will have to share the date with the platform to continue using Instagram," the press release states.

In addition, Instagram says plans are underway to attract people who enter fake birthday.

"We recognize that some may give us the wrong birthday and we are developing new systems to deal with it," the company warns. As we recently informed you, we use artificial intelligence to assess how old someone is based on things like Happy Birthday posts.

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Instagram claims that this latest data collection is in the best interest of its users and refers to a March update to make it harder for adults to send messages to users under 18 years of age.

"This information allows us to create new safety features for young people and helps ensure that we provide the right experiences for the right age group," the company explains. "For example, [with users' birthdays] we can apply the recent changes we made to limit ad targeting options for items under the age of 18 to more people."

However, Instagram immediately admits that it benefits from this new policy.

"[Knowing users' birthdays] also helps us show you more relevant ads."

The Instagram Help Center makes it clear that once this information is provided, there is no way to "get back" this information.

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"Note that once you add your birthday to your profile, they can not be removed," warns Instagram.

"Also, your birthday will not appear to other Instagram users."

So here it is. One of the most data hungry companies in the world has become a little more greedy.

Source of information: mashable.com

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