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China for gaming: Children can play up to 3 hours / week

Chinese gaming platforms such as Tencent and NetEase should limit online gambling to minors to just three hours a week following new rules imposed by regulators on Monday, according to Bloomberg, citing state media reports. The change comes in response to growing concerns about gambling addiction and the wider repression of China's tech giants.

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Children under 18 will now be limited to one hour of gaming from 8am to 9pm on Fridays, weekends and public holidays. This is a change from the previous limit of 1,5 hours of online gaming on most days. According to Reuters, gaming companies should restrict online gambling outside of these hours and should have a real-name verification system to ensure the enforcement of new rules.

Regulators say they will also work with parents and schools to help combat gambling addiction among young people. Chinese.

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The new rules, released today, come a month after an article was published by state media describing online gambling as "intellectual opium". Although the phrase was later removed, the tone of the article, especially in retrospect, clearly left the impression that state intervention would be inevitable.

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