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Milk Crate Challenge: The viral challenge that causes injuries

The Milk Crate Challenge is the new viral challenge, in which the participant climbs into a pyramid of crates, trying to reach the top and descend again. In reality, however, it is possible to arrive at hospital with very serious injuries.

Milk Crate Challenge viral challenge TikTok
Milk Crate Challenge: The TikTok viral challenge that causes injuries

The challenge can become very dangerous, as it is most likely that the participant will fall from the pyramid. The same thing happened with a man from the area of ​​Atlanta at the weekend, who, having reached the middle of his journey, excitedly thumbs up his audience, but a second later, he lost control and fell with his head on the grass.

The Milk Crate Challenge has gone viral in recent days, with its disastrous results making the rounds of the internet. At least one Twitter user said it was "the funniest challenge after the ice bucket challenge".

"It's the biggest thing happening in any neighborhood right now"He said Derek, a 38 year old who deals with social media and is better known as Itsbizkit. "Go to any park or public place right now and you will see crates there".

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However, many see the challenge as risk to the public health. Some doctors warn that challenge injuries cause more stress in hospitals at a time when most wards are full due to rising cases COVID-19.

"Everyone needs to support front-line people and healthcare providers, and that means not participating in challenges like this, which burden the system."He said Shawn Anthony, orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine at Mount sinai hospital in New York.

Milk Crate Challenge TikTok injuries

While the exact number of injuries and hospital admissions associated with the Milk Crate Challenge is unclear, Anthony said colleagues across the country report in online forums that they have seen participants in the challenge with a variety of injuries, including broken wrists, dislocated shoulders, and even spinal cord injuries.

Ο Henry Schuitema from Jefferson Health in New Jersey, said his hospital recently saw a patient with many broken ribs after the Milk Crate Challenge. Schuitema said TikTok and other social media platforms are to blame for spreading and promoting the Milk Crate Challenge and other dangerous challenges.

TikTok told the Washington Post that the platform "prohibits content that promotes dangerous acts".

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"Remove videos and redirect searches to our Community Guidelines to discourage such content", Said the statement. "We encourage everyone to be careful in their behavior, whether online or offline".

The origin of the Milk Crate Challenge is unclear, but the site Know Your Meme has highlighted a video from June 2011 entitled "Guy Falls Off 6 Milk Crates" and claims that this was the inspiration for the viral challenge.

On August 1, a Chicago resident posted a video on Facebook showing two men walking on crates. This was the beginning of what later became known as the Milk Crate Challenge. About two weeks later, the videos were shared by two people in Columbus, Ohio and went viral after a video of people who failed the challenge was posted on TikTok, where he received more than 5 million views in one day.

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Since then, the challenge has spread. The videos were shared on social media and viewed by millions of people and made the challenge viral on various platforms.

As the challenge spread, so did the concern of doctors. THE George Gantsoudes, orthopedic surgeon in Virginia, posted an example on Twitter, which went wrong, with a warning that these injuries may even require surgical procedures.

An Atlanta health worker saw at least two people with broken bones after falling from boxes on Sunday.

However, the situation seems to have gotten away with more and more young people in the US are looking for crates to do the challenge, while in some cases it is given and cash prize to anyone who makes the TikTok viral challenge without falling.

Celebrities and social media personalities have begun to criticize the Milk Crate Challenge, arguing that it poses a major health risk at a time when COVID-19 is already difficult.

"I challenge anyone - anyone on Earth - to find people more stupid than these people" exclaimed o Smith, who was a guest host on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” "What happens to these people? First, you drink the milk from the boxes to make strong bones - then you fall out of the boxes to break them.";

The rapper Snoop Dogg he was also critical of how the challenge, in which he appeared mostly colored to fall out of boxes and get injured, had gone viral. "Because we like to see each other fall; ” wrote on Instagram.

While many of the videos circulated on the internet had violent falls, some showed people who managed to win the Milk Crate Challenge without to fall from the pyramid with the crates. A woman successfully climbed a pyramid wearing heels.

Unfortunately, it is believed that the challenge will continue to be viral for quite some time despite the warnings of doctors and specialists.

It would be good, however, not to risk ourselves for a challenge that will soon be forgotten.

Source: The Washington Post

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