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Windows 11: How to check the specifications of your computer?

If you want to check them out your computer specifications (such as RAM or the type of CPU your machine has) Windows 11, you can do it very easily by going to Settings. See below what procedure you need to follow to see the specifications of your computer at its new operating system Microsoft.

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Windows 11 specifications
Windows 11: How to check the specifications of your computer?

First, you need to open them Settings of Windows. To do this, you can press Windows + i on your keyboard or right-click Inception and select “Settings”From the list that appears.

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Windows 11 PC Specifications

When you open Settings, click on “System”On the sideline. In the "System" settings, scroll down and click "Information".

On the System> Information screen, you will see a section labeled “Device specifications“. Below the section, you can see the basic specifications of your computer. For example, if you want to see what kind of CPU your computer running Windows 11 has, look next to the word “Processor“. On the other hand, if you want to see how much memory (RAM) there is in your computer, consider the item “Installed RAM".

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There is also the possibility to easily copy these specifications to show them to other people (to inform them of the specifications or to give them information to solve possible problems). To do this, click the “Copy”Located near the“ Device Specifications ”. You can then paste this information into a text file or paste it into an email or plain text message to share with someone else.

The process is very simple!

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