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Apple: Postpones return to office for January 2022

Recently, it was released that the Apple would request the return of employees to the offices in October. However, with the Delta variant of COVID-19 sweeping the globe, Apple postpones return to office for January 2022.

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Apple postpones return offices

Bloomberg reports that the tech company sent a memo to its staff on Thursday, presenting the new return schedule, which shifted from early September to October and now in January 2022.

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According to reports, once the return to Apple offices takes place, the employees will have to work there on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Remote work will be allowed on Wednesday and Friday.

Her memo Deirdre O'Brien, Apple's Head of Retail and People, urged officials to be vaccinated. However, vaccination and testing are not mandatory at this time.

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Of course, the return plans can be changed again. Conditions with COVID-19 are constantly changing, so Apple plans to inform staff again a month before requesting a return to office.

Apple: Postpones return to office for January 2022

The Facebook, also postponed the reopening of its offices until January 2022 for the same reasons as Apple.

But the social media company has demanded from staff coming to work in US offices to be vaccinated and has asked all employees to wear mask. Facebook, which has 48.000 employees worldwide, also expects similar delays in countries outside the US.

And other companies, such as Amazon have stated this month that their employees will finally return to office on January 3, 2022.

Source: ZDNet

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