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Facebook: Will it be forced to sell Instagram and WhatsApp?

Η US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) resubmitted the her complaint against Facebook, arguing that the company should be dissolved and forced to sell Instagram and WhatsApp, because of the practices he uses, which harm competition.

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The new complaint comes almost two months after one federal judge dismissed the original complaint, claiming that the FTC had not provided sufficient evidence that Facebook is a social media monopoly.

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The revised complaint continues to claim that the social networking platform is a monopoly in the US and that the Facebook makes it difficult for other companies.

The new complaint is mainly based on the way Facebook has expanded to how it has acquired competitors to stop being a threat.

In fact, it refers to an e-mail Mark Zuckerberg, sent in 2008, in which he said that “it is better to buy than to compete“. FTC's lawyers claim that Facebook was monitoring the development of its rivals and was taking over when they began to grow large enough to pose a threat.

They also belong to this category Instagram and WhatsApp acquisitions. Both applications are now an important part of Facebook.

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According to the complaint, Facebook operates as a monopoly in the US, because it controls both Facebook and Instagram, two of the most popular social media platforms. The closest competitor is Snapchat, but this has far fewer users than Facebook applications.

The lawsuit also alleges that Facebook continues to operate in this way and that it will continue to buy other companies in order to maintain its dominance if no action is taken.

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In essence, the FTC is asking Facebook to sell businesses, including Instagram and WhatsApp, and possibly others, to ensure there is fair competition. It also calls for restrictions so that Facebook can not easily make similar purchases in the future and rules for approving possible such agreements.

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Facebook for its part he told Twitter"We are considering the FTC's amended complaint and will have more to say shortly“. In a subsequent statement, the company stated: “There was no valid claim that Facebook was a monopoly - and that has not changed. The acquisition of Instagram and WhatsApp was considered many years ago and our platform policies were legal…. We fight to gain people's time and attention every day and we will continue to vigorously defend our company".

Source: The Independent

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