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Sony confirms that GTA 5 will be 4K / 60fps on PS5

The next generation of Grand Theft Auto 5: Expanded And Enhanced Edition (GTA 5), will run at 4K60 FPS on the PlayStation 5 (PS5).

Good news for gamers and more specifically for GTA 5 fans. Many may not remember how many versions of the game have passed through your hands and how many years you have been playing this game but you will not forget this unique moment when it was announced that the next new version of the game for PS5 will be a 4K experience with 60fps.

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Sony confirms that GTA 5 will be 4K / 60fps on PS5
Sony confirms that GTA 5 will be 4K / 60fps on PS5

According to Eurogamer, 4K visuals were a given in Sony's latest generation of hardware, but 60fps confirmation has now appeared via the PlayStation Blog for Germany. The post on the site actually covers multiple releases of 2021 for both PS4 and PS5, with the GTA 5 listing specifically referring to a 4K experience and "60 FPS extreme geschmeidig unsicher macht" that Google (approximately) translates to "60 FPS makes it extremely smooth and unsafe".

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So far there is nothing to confirm that the same experience can be expected from her Xbox Series X, but the two consoles are so close in terms of performance that it would be an unpleasant surprise if Rockstar did not produce the same experience for Microsoft's Xbox Series X.

GTA was first released for PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2013 without receiving any updates at that time while for PS4 and Xbox One it was released in November 2014. In April 2015, Windows users finally played.

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Back to ours, the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions S is expected to be released in November this year.

The Windows version is already able to use 4K resolution and run at 60fps if you have a good enough computer, but Rockstar is adding a number of technical and performance improvements to the new consoles.

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