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NVIDIA AI hub now available to North American customers

NVIDIA announced on Monday that the new artificial intelligence development hub is now available to North American customers after its debut in May.


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NVIDIA said in a statement that the platform "provides businesses with instant access to a robust computing infrastructure wherever their data is located".

The tool is available for rent with a monthly subscription price of $ 90.000. There is a minimum quarter for all subscriptions, NVIDIA explained.

Ο Manuvir Das, head of Enterprise Computing at NVIDIA, said the Base Command platform makes it easy for businesses to have direct access to the power of an NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD for "accelerating the life cycle of artificial intelligence and the development of data science».

The platform gives companies access to supercomputers NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD via optimized AI workflow software and the tool is hosted remotely by Equinix. According to the company, the Base Command Platform is the first hybrid cloud offering supported by NVIDIA and available through the NVIDIA AI LaunchPad affiliate program.

The tool is tailored for organizations that have large-scale artificial intelligence workflows, multiple users, and multiple teams that want to push artificial intelligence projects into production.

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NVIDIA announced that Adobe was already using the tool to help researchers and data scientists work. "simultaneously in shared accelerated computing resources to accelerate the development of new AI features and applications".

North America

The tool is supported by various NVIDIA partner organizations such as NetApp and Equinix and Weights and Biases, which provides MLOps software for the Base Command platform.

In addition to a cloud-based user interface, the tool comes with a command line API, built-in monitoring and reporting dashboards to speed up the lifecycle of artificial intelligence development, incorporating a "wide range of AI and data science tools" such as NVIDIA NGCTM AI directory and analysis software.

The vice president of Equinix Steve Steinhilber He added that businesses often struggle to provide the simple yet powerful digital infrastructure that researchers and scientists can share effectively when it comes to artificial intelligence.

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Kim Stevenson, senior vice president and general manager of the core data services team at NetApp, noted that the tool was a cloud-hosted solution for integrated artificial intelligence development with a fully managed artificial intelligence infrastructure.

"Businesses want to simplify AI experimentation and simplify workflow management in user groups and jobsSaid Stevenson.

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