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What's New in the FlexClip Online Video Maker 2.7

XNUMX features you 2.7 Online Video Maker: New Features!

FlexClip, the free online video maker, is updated to introduce several improvements over the previous version. At the moment, FlexClip remains my favorite option for creating social media videos (it's like a "Canva" for videos).

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What is FlexClip? and how does it work?

FlexClip is a video editing web-based tool provided by PearlMountain Limited. Unlike video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, you can access FlexClip from a web browser such as Chrome and edit the video there.

Therefore, you can easily edit with a browser without having to download or install the app. Due to its characteristics, you have to upload the video or photo you want to edit and the material you made, but you can rest assured that the encryption technology ensures privacy and security.

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XNUMX features you 2.7 update

The new version of FlexClip offers a more intuitive interface and better performance when creating, editing, and exporting videos. It is a detail that is appreciated because it allows the work process to be more fluid.

There are two editing modes in FlexClip 2.7, "Storyboard fashion”And“ Timeline fashion”(But in beta).

Storyboard mode

Simple video editing is possible in this Storyboard mode. After putting the material of the video on the storyboard, you can easily create a good-looking video by simply connecting the prepared templates and materials to the video.

With lots of predefined templates and materials, you can easily create a wide variety of videos.

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What's New in the FlexClip Online Video Maker 2.7

Timeline mode

This mode allows you to place material on the timeline and edit videos like in Adobe Premiere Pro. If you have ever edited a video, this mode will be more familiar to you.

Compared to "Storyboard mode", you can make finer adjustments and use different materials, so use this when you want to create a particular motion. However, since it is currently in beta and is not yet in the official mode, it has problems such as not supporting Greek, and unstable in behavior.

At the same time, the platform has been updated to include many exciting new features (including greater flexibility in incorporating dynamic elements or backgrounds for the video).

XNUMX features you 2.7 will LOVE about the new FlexClip 7

  • 1.000+ text animations and overlays.
  • 1.000+ customizable video templates covering intros, outros, etc.
  • 4M+ stock photos and videos.
  • 74.000+ music tracks and sound effects.
  • 3M+ animated elements.
  • PIP enhancement.
  • Up to 100GB of cloud space.
What's New in the FlexClip Online Video Maker 2.7

Worth to try the new 2.7 version of FlexClip if you are new to video editing or want to edit videos fast.