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Upcoming Windows 11 Updates: Everything you need to know

With Windows 11, Microsoft maintains the Windows 10 maintenance model known as "Windows as a Service (WaaS)". As part of WaaS, Microsoft plans to provide an up-to-date experience with the latest features and security updates.

In a support document, Microsoft confirmed that Windows 11 will receive all updates currently available on Windows 10, including Patch Tuesday, Optional Preview, OOB (out of band), and more.

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However, there will be a change in the update rate: Windows 11 will be updated once a year with new features and this update will be released in the second half of the year.

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Cumulative updates for Windows 11

Cumulative updates, otherwise known as monthly updates or Patch Tuesdays, will be released at least once a month and include quality enhancements, bug fixes, and security fixes.

Different types of Windows 11 updates:

  • Windows 11 "B" releases or Patch Tuesday updates will be released on the second Tuesday of each month, known as Patch Tuesday, with security enhancements and sometimes quality fixes. On the same day, Windows 10 will also receive identical updates corrections.
  • Windows 11 "C" and "D" releases: These updates will be released in the third and fourth week of the month respectively.

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Compatibility and reliability update

Out-of-band compatibility and reliability updates do not follow the standard release schedule and may be released before a feature update to facilitate the installation experience.

Microcode updates

Microsoft will continue to provide Intel microcode updates to mitigate known vulnerabilities or hardware problems in the CPU, if necessary.

Update for Windows Defender Antivirus

The Windows Defender Antivirus definition update will be released regularly to update the crawls used by Microsoft Defender Antivirus.

Malware removal tool

Windows 11 is technically Windows 10 (NT.10) and will receive monthly Malicious Software Removal Tool updates to remove known infections from a computer.

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Windows 11 LTSC

For those who prefer to use Windows versions for a long time, Microsoft plans to offer an LTSC version of Windows 11, but we do not know when the LTSC version will be released.

Source of information: bleepingcomputer.com

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