HomesecurityZoom will pay $ 85 million in a privacy breach lawsuit

Zoom will pay $ 85 million in a privacy breach lawsuit

Zoom agreed to a $ 85 million settlement for a lawsuit in which the company was accused of misappropriating user data through the integration of third-party software with various digital platforms.


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The preliminary settlement [PDF] was filed over the weekend and is currently awaiting court approval.

From March to May last year, 14 lawsuits were filed against Zoom, which were then consolidated into one. In the lawsuit, the members of the lawsuit claimed that Zoom misled users about the possibilities encryption shared user data on digital platforms without consent and had inadequate security and privacy checks, which led to zoombombings.

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Zoombombings attacks are unwanted and unauthorized interruptions of Zoom meetings by foreign participants. The Ministry of Justice of USA last year criminalized zoombombing, with zoombombers subject to fines or arrests for various state or federal categories.

The $ 85 million amount, if approved, will be made available so that users who paid for an account are eligible to receive the largest amount of either 15% of the money they paid in Zoom for their main Zoom Meetings subscription or $ 25 from April to October 2020. Meanwhile, other users who did not have a subscription account may be eligible to receive up to $ 15.

In addition to paying $ 85 million, Zoom has agreed to make a number of changes focused on improving security, enhancing privacy and protecting consumer data.

The company agreed to provide in-person notifications to make it easier for users to understand who can view, store and share Zoom users' information and content by notifying them users when a meeting host or other participant uses a third party application during one meeting.

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Also, Zoom will not reinstall the Facebook Software Development Kit (SDK) for iOS in Zoom meetings for a year and will ask Facebook to delete any US user data downloaded from the SDK.

In the settlement proposal, the plaintiffs have also applied to pay Zoom for their court costs, which would amount to an additional $ 21,25 million.

We are waiting to see if the settlement will be approved.

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