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Hide movies and shows from Google TV Continue Watching

Η Google TV Home screen presents suggestions and makes it easy for you to continue watching your favorite shows from where you left off. Sometimes, however, the choice “Continue monitoring"It's not very useful. Fortunately, you can remove titles from this option.

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The "Continue Watch" option displays movies and TV shows shows that you started watching at some point in the supported streaming services of Google TV. However, you may not intend to keep watching it, or you may start to see something by accident and not want to see it again. But now, in July 2021, the Google finally allowed the programs you want to be removed from this series.

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First, make sure you are in the main tab “For you”And scroll down to the“ Continue monitoring ”line.

Highlight the title you want to remove and hold down the “OK"Or"SelectOn your remote control for a few seconds.

A menu with two options will appear. Select “Hide".

The title will now be out of the series "Continue watching"!

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For a long time, it was not possible to remove titles from the "Continue Watch" option. However, you should be satisfied now that you can finally do it. Now, you can keep the Google TV home screen a little tidier by keeping only the programs you want.

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