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Google Duplex: You will be added to the waitlist of your favorite restaurant

Google Duplex lets you make reservations, order food and get the exact business hours of your business without ever making a phone call to the restaurant. And it looks like you'll soon be able to get a place on the restaurant's waitlist, according to VentureBeat. One of the VentureBeat reporters is part of a limited A / B that gives him access to a new "Request to join waitlist" button in the Google Maps business listings.

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Google Duplex

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Touching this button opens a Google Assistant interface, asking you to specify how many people you want to book and how long you can wait. As with any Duplex-based interaction, Google Assistant will call this place for you and handle booking a place on the waiting list. During the process, you will receive updates via SMS, giving you the necessary details or notifying you if something goes wrong. In the case of VentureBeat, the kitchen of the desired restaurant was already closed, so Duplex gave an error message, signaling that it could not make a reservation.

When VentureBeat contacted Google to inquire about the new feature, a company spokesman said: "[We] are constantly experimenting with new features that use Duplex technology and do not have a timeline for when is available to the wider Google Assistant users. ” Since we have not heard from anyone else about the feature, we assume that Google is still in its infancy. trial phase and is reluctant to announce the capabilities of the Duplex waiting list.

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Since the launch of Duplex during Google I / O 2018 as an automated restaurant booking system, the company has expanded its availability and capabilities. It is available in (almost) all of its states USA and some other countries and has learned to book movie tickets, request opening hours and more, with some of these features available online.

Source of information: androidpolice.com

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