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Tesla Megapack: A fire broke out in an Australian warehouse

A part of the Tesla Megapack in Victoria, Australia, caught fire that was almost impossible to control.

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Tesla Megapack

The causes of the fire are currently unknown.

Tesla has had many successes with the Megapack, a large battery system for utility projects.

The automaker has achieved record energy storage growth in the last quarter, thanks in large part to the Megapack.

Its energy storage products Tesla is especially popular in Australia, where the grid needs great stabilization.

The famous "Tesla Big Battery" in collaboration with Neoen in South Australia has been a huge success that other states are trying to reproduce.

Neoen has acquired a new contract to develop a giant 300 MW / 450 MWh battery system using the Tesla Megapack in Victoria.

The installation of the giant new batteries was just completed and the system was being tested when one of the Megapacks caught fire.

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There are up to 3 MWh battery cells in a single Tesla Megapack and when a thermal phenomenon like this occurs, a very strong fire is very likely.


More than 150 people from Fire Rescue Victoria and the Country Fire Authority responded to the blaze.

Her assistant fire chief CFA Ian Beswicke he said:

"If we try to cool them down, it just prolongs the process."

The good news is that the fire did not spread to the other Megapacks around it.

We have previously reported that Tesla had worked hard to understand how a fire could affect a Powerpack, Megapack's predecessor, in anticipation that they would be installed in large products and it would be vital that no fire spread among the Megapacks.

However, in this case, the biggest issue is the toxic fumes coming from the burning Megapack.

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Authorities issued a toxic air quality warning for Batesford, Bell Post Hill, Lovely Banks, Moorabool and the northern suburb of Geelong due to the fire.

Both Tesla and Neoen have stated that they are working with local authorities.

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