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ISS: The Russian unit "Nauka" destabilized the entire station

A unusual and potentially dangerous incident happened, on the 29th of July, at the International Space Station (ISS), as the recently arrived Russian unit "Nauka" - an additional space unit sent by Russia to the International Space Station in order to expand the Russian space side - destabilized for a few minutes the entire space station, when it accidentally activated its launchers.

The incident happened a few hours after the annexation of the new Russian unit to the rest of the station. For 47 minutes, the station was located out of control and lost orientation of, resulting in it coming out outside the set orbit.

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The location of the station is of the utmost importance for the communication of the station with Earth. During the event interrupted twice communication with ground controllers, for a few minutes.

ISS Russian unit "Nauka"
ISS: The Russian unit "Nauka" destabilized the entire station

The director of the space station, Joel Montalbano, stated the following: "No damage has been reported. The crew was not endangered at any time by the incident. " He said the crew did not realize that the space station's position had been moved.

In addition, Bob Jakobs, its representative NASA, informed that the station left by 45 degrees out of position, while the band never rotated. In addition, the head of NASA space flight, described the sudden event "Pretty exciting".

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ISS Russian unit "Nauka"
ISS: The Russian unit "Nauka" destabilized the entire station

The incident forced NASA, to postpone the test flight of Boeing starliner scheduled for today, 30/7.

The launch of the Russian Nauka spacecraft, which will provide more space for the crew and for scientific experiments, was repeatedly delayed, due to technical problems.

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The Russians commented on the incident and the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, wrote in a tweet the following: "Everything is fine with the ISS. The crew is resting, something I advise you to do as well. "

Nauka, according to the Associated Press (AP), became the new section connected to the space station, after 2010.

An investigation by NASA and Roscosmos is ongoing.

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