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The first SSD for PS5 has been confirmed - the price can reach $ 950

The first SSD for the PS5 (PlayStation 5) has been confirmed and its price can reach $ 950.


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Until now, your ability to get an external hard drive (SSD) for PS5 was limited to almost nothing. Fortunately, earlier today hardware provider Seagate confirmed that the FireCuda 530 SSD "meets all the requirements of the PS5 SSD." This means that even with its heatsink variants, Firecuda will fit into the PS5's slim SSD slot, increasing your console's storage by 500 GB, 1TB, 2TB or up to 4TB. Since the PS5's internal storage only works with 667 GB of usable space, this is a significant increase, even with the smallest drive.

Seagate also offers tremendous speed to its new SSD, claiming it will transfer data twice as fast as previous generation of drives, reaching 7.300 MB / s. Overall, it claims that you will be able to write and delete 70% of the disc capacity every day for five years without a serious drop in performance, which is perfect if you change games regularly.

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The Firecuda 530 is ready for release in August, so there's just one month left. However, we will land you a bit in terms of price - the smaller drive is $ 140, with the larger 4TB option costing $ 950. It is also important to remember that while the hardware itself will be available for purchase, the Sony has not yet provided SSD support to the majority of users - a new beta software adds compatibility for test program members, but there is no reason when everyone else will have the opportunity to install a little more storage space, so it may take a while before you can make your own modifications.

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While this is the first SSD to work with the PS5, the technology itself is not exactly new. PS4 SSD options have been available for some time.

Source of information: gamesradar.com

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