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Google blocks "sugar dating" applications from the Play Store

"Sugar dating" applications will not be allowed in the Android Play Store from September 1, Google announced as part of a series of policy changes for the platform. The change, first reported by Android Police, specifically bans applications related to "sex in return". Other changes coming to the platform include a new crackdown on inactive developer accounts, Google says.

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sugar dating Google Play Store

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Traditionally, sugar dating relationships include older, wealthier people who date and pay for gifts, travel and more.

Google Play Store policies already ban apps that promote "services that can be interpreted as sexual acts in exchange." But the updated wording extends this definition to explicitly include "dating or sexual arrangements where a participant is expected or implied to provide money, gifts or financial support to another person (" sugar dating "). Google's announcement does not say why sugar dating apps are blocked now.

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In addition to changes to the dating rule, the search giant also introduces a new policy that will see it delete developer accounts if left unattended for a year. Google says it will make exceptions for accounts behind apps with more than a thousand installations or recent in-app purchases, but unless a developer has uploaded an app or signed in to Google Play Console for 12 months, his account is in danger of being deleted. In a video describing the change, Google says it will notify developers of an impending deletion 60, 30 and 7 days before it takes place.

Source of information: theverge.com

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