HomesecurityFBI: Monitors hundreds of hacking teams around the world

FBI: Monitors hundreds of hacking teams around the world

As they are Cyber ​​attacks are on the rise and more and more more ransomware groups they appearThe FBI is trying to suppress cybercrime. Brian Worndiran, deputy director of the cybercrime unit of the police service, said that the FBI is currently monitoring hundreds of hacking groups in the US, but mainly in other parts of the world.

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U.S. officials are increasingly concerned about cybercrime, and must remain vigilant about to prevent future cyber attacks. Organized gangs that specialize in ransomware attacks "hit" hard companies, businesses, schools and government agencies. While some groups try to take their eyes off and forget, others are very active.

FBI - hacking teams
FBI: Monitors hundreds of hacking teams around the world

Among the groups that wanted to disappear after attracting too much attention is the DarkSide ransomware, a popular cybercrime group from Eastern Europe that hit, among others, the Colonial Pipeline in May. The American community has agreed to pay $ 4,4 million. A few days after the payment of the amount, the Colonial pipeline continued to operate normally. Fortunately for the company, US officials were able to recover much of the money paid to the DarkSide gang.

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However, Hundreds of hacking groups remain very active. Brett Gallo, cybercrime analyst at MCSoft, stated the following: "Every day new hacking groups appear. In some cases, they are related to activities that are already known to the authorities. In other cases, they are new gangs. " The researchers estimate that, at present, There are about 1.000 ransomware groups around the world. The FBI emphasizes that Finding cybercriminals is a difficult task.

FBI - hacking teams
FBI: Monitors hundreds of hacking teams around the world

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Brian Worndiran added the following: "Hackers who design ransomware software often differ from those who use it - both parties share the benefits. We are interested in both of these profiles ". The localization of hackers is done more complicated as the ransomware world becomes more professional. A hacker using ransomware may have nothing to do with the team that designed it. According to the FBI, Many ransomware groups are Russian. US President Joe Biden has criticized the Kremlin for not stopping the hackers.

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