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Microsoft Outlook: How to accept an event that has already been rejected

Have you ever turned down an event request just to find out you have to accept it and finally attend? What happens to these rejected invitations? We will explain where they go and how to accept an event that you previously rejected in Outlook.


When you receive an invitation in Outlook, it appears in your calendar as temporary. This is an easy-to-use indicator that you must answer and either accept or reject. If you accept it, it remains in your calendar. But if you reject it, the invitation disappears.

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Find an event rejection invitation in Outlook

Whether you're using Microsoft Outlook on your desktop, web, or mobile device, these rejected invitations go to the same place: the "Deleted Items" folder.

Open Outlook on the platform of your choice and go to Mail. Select the "Deleted Items" folder in Outlook Mail. You should see this rejected invitation in your list.

If the "Deleted Items" folder is empty, you must ask the event organizer to send it to you again. Alternatively, you may be able to recover deleted Outlook data, depending on your mail server.

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Accept an Outlook event rejection invitation

Once you have found the rejected invitation, you can open it and change your reply to accept it directly in the message. Just like when you initially accept an invitation to an event, you can include a note with your answer.


In addition to the invitation, you may see the actual event in the "Deleted Items" folder. You can also edit your answer using this option. Click "Change Response".

Select "Accept" (or "Tentative" if you are still unsure). As with other invitations, you can edit the reply to send a note, send it as it is or not send a reply and surprise everyone when you finally leave.


In the Outlook application on your mobile device, press "RSVP" when you see the invitation in the "Deleted" folder. Then you can press "Accept" and send it. This works the same in Outlook on Android, iPhone and iPad.


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Whether intentionally or unintentionally, if you reject an Outlook event that you must eventually accept, you now know how to reverse your choice!

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