HomesecurityBiden: Cyber ​​attacks can lead to a real war

Biden: Cyber ​​attacks can lead to a real war

US President Joe Biden has said a few harsh words about recent state cyber-attacks and criminal attacks. ransomware, suggesting that if the US ended up in a "real war" it would be due to a major cyber attack.


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Biden's comments follow the REVIL ransomware attack this month on the customer service provider (MSP) of US software vendor Kaseya, which affected 60 MSPs and about 1.500 of its customers.

Cyber-attacks have been the subject of much debate in talks between Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin in recent weeks, following the SolarWinds attack that affected US federal services and cybersecurity companies, as well as criminal ransomware attacks on the distribution network. fuel Colonial pipeline and the JBS meat market.

Addressing the American intelligence community, he said that the road to war with a large force would probably be the result of a major future cyber attack against the United States.

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cyber attacks

"You know, we've seen how cyber threats, including ransomware attacks, can increasingly cause damage and disruption in the real world." said Biden.

"I can not guarantee it and you are as informed as I am, but I think we are more likely to end up, if we end up in a war, a real war with great force, as a consequence of a cyber breach with a big impact. And the possibilities increase exponentially."

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It also reduced the state of the Russian economy under Putin, who "has a real problem" which makes the Russian president dangerous. Biden added that Russia's alleged disinformation campaign targeting the US elections in 2022 was a "clear violation of our sovereignty."

Biden also warned Putin that critical infrastructure must be "out of bounds" at the G7 talks in Geneva last month.

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