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Google creates iOS app for copying data to Android

Google is developing a new iOS application called "Switch to Android", which will be able to copy the most important data from your iPhone and transfer your applications to Android.

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IOS app called "Switch to Android"

Today, the official way to transfer data from your iPhone to a new Android device is to back up all the data in Google Drive and then download it back to your new phone. This backs up your most important data and photos, but not your applications.

The official "Data Restore Tool" of Android recently received an update to version 1.0.382048734 and in it, we have noticed reports of an application "Switch to Android" developed by Google for iOS, similar to the application "Move to iOS" Apple for Android.

Step 1: Get the Switch to Android app from the App Store

From what we can say, instead of copying your data via a USB-C cable, the Switch to Android application will "boot" a local WiFi network (like a hotspot) on your Android. In the iPhone you will be connected to this new network and both applications will take over the rest.

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Step 2: Go to Wi-Fi settings

Step 3: Connect to the network ^ 1 and enter the password. 2

A particularly interesting change with the addition of "Switch to Android" is that much of the text of the Data Restore Tool has been modified to indicate that your applications can be copied from your iPhone.

To transfer apps, iCloud contacts, device contacts, and iMessage messages, you need to remove device management on iPhone.

It is not clear how this could work, besides there is a "table" that will correspond to the Android applications with the corresponding iOS and install them from the Play Store. Of course, any paid applications could not be ported.

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At the moment, the "Switch to Android" application is not yet in the App Store, but it should be only a matter of time considering that Apple has had the "Move to iOS" application for over five years, it is a surprise that Google has waited so long to offer a similar experience.

Source of information: 9to5google.com

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