HomesecuritySnowden: "Those who fund the spyware industry should go to jail"

Snowden: "Those who fund the spyware industry should go to jail"

Edward Snowden said the NSO Group's recent surveillance revelations are just part of a bigger problem.


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The famous informant has a new blog on Substack and, of course, has some views on the NSO Group's recent controversy: namely, that people who charge companies like this should make time.

Snowden's "Continuing Ed" was released several weeks ago and is about surveillance and privacy. Snowden was one of the first to talk about espionage in 2013.  

This makes the current course of the Group NSO a perfect theme to cover. Last week, news agencies around the world publicly flogged the Israeli spyware company for selling it to shady, abusive governments. Critics say the company's Pegasus commercial malware has been used to track the phones of journalists, human rights lawyers and politicians, and has even been found on the devices of members of the family of slain Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

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Most recently, the focus turned to NSO financial backers, as news broke on Tuesday that Novalpina Capital, the London-based private equity firm that owns most of the company, would be dissolved.

Novalpina helped NSO founders acquire the company from its former owner, Francisco Partners in 2019, following spyware scandals. The announcement of Novalpina's dissolution on Tuesday comes after the escalation of accusations against NSO as well as an ongoing internal dispute within Novalpina itself. It is unclear what will happen to the entity - as it could be taken over by a third party or it could sell its assets, the Financial Times reports.

Novalpina's troubles and NSO strong political connections have sparked a wider debate about the private monitoring sector and the need to protect against its abuses.

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Snowden, for his part, says the NSO is truly the tip of the iceberg in an uncontrolled spyware industry - and that targeting financial support by following companies like Novalpina is one way lawmakers could hold companies accountable. .

«An industry like this, whose sole purpose is to produce vulnerabilities, must be dismantled", Writes Snowden.

Snowden basically says that if financial companies are not willing to stop funding the spyware industry, their owners will have to go to jail:

«It is important to understand that neither the scale of the NSO Group's activities, nor the consequences it has had on the global community, would be possible without access to global capital from unethical companies such as Novalpina Capital (Europe) and Francisco Partners (USA). The motto is simple: company owners should be arrested.»

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