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Twitter: You will soon sign up with your Google account

Twitter has begun testing a new feature that allows users to sign up using their existing Google Account.

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This new Google Account integration feature was first released as A / B test on Twitter.com (web), allowing users to sign up for Twitter using a Google Account.

Historically, Twitter has allowed users to create a new account using a phone number or email address and password.

For those who have registered for the tests, you will now be offered a new sign-up option called "Sign up with Google", as shown below.

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Twitter Google

Clicking the "Sign up with Google" link will open a dialog box from accounts.google.com, allowing you to use your Google account to sign up for a new Twitter account.

Twitter Google

The Google Login feature is completely optional and there are no immediate benefits to integration other than faster registration and the ability to use your existing Twitter account.

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It looks like this feature started rolling out over the weekend and should be available to more users in the coming weeks or months.

Source of information: bleepingcomputer.com

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