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Toyota is pushing Congress to slow down the transition to EV

The USA are gradually moving towards adopting policies that will bring more EVs to the roads, but for Toyota, the transition is very fast. The Japanese carmaker, one of the world's largest automakers, is pressuring policymakers in Washington to resist the urge to move to an electric future, in part because the company lags behind the rest of the industry in making that transition. .


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According to The New York Times, a senior Toyota executive has met with congressional leaders behind closed doors in recent weeks to oppose the Biden administration's plans to spend billions of dollars to motivate the transition to EV. The manager, Chris Reynolds, claimed that hybrid vehicles such as Toyota Prius, as well as hydrogen fuel cell vehicles should also be part of government plans.

In addition, Toyota is turning against Alliance for Automotive Innovation supporting the electric vehicle policy. The group, which represents the big car companies and their suppliers and is chaired by Reynolds, opposes the Biden administration's plan to adopt the so-called compromise in California as its official position, the Times reports.

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Toyota's efforts to slow down the transition to electric vehicles are largely due to the fact that Toyota has lagged far behind its competitors. Companies such as Nissan, General Motors and Volkswagen have been selling clean electric battery vehicles for years, while also revealing their plans to phase out gas cars altogether.

However, in the past, Toyota executives, including the billionaire CEO Akio Toyoda, have described the trend towards electric vehicles as "overestimated" in part due to emissions related to power stations.

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Toyota's argument that hybrids and fuel cell vehicles should also be included in the debate is not a bad one. Hybrid vehicles in particular are an important starting point for the wider adoption of EVs, especially as the charging infrastructure is still in its infancy.

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