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Instagram: How to report offensive / abusive comments

No one should feel insecure, harassed, targeted or abused either online or offline. When this happens to SOCIAL MEDIA applications, it depends on the platform itself to deal with it effectively. One of the social media platforms in which hate speech and offensive comments target specific users is Instagram.

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The Facebook, who is the owner of Instagram, claims that does not allow hate speech and does not tolerate bullying and harassment on its platforms. However, if you are among the users who are targeted with such comments, there is a solution as well you can mention them. If you see a comment or post on Instagram that is offensive, intimidating, spreading misinformation or seems to incite violence or bodily harm, you can report it. To do this, all you have to do is follow them following steps:

Instagram offensive comments
Instagram: How to post offensive comments
  • Swipe left over this comment if using iPhone. The users Android, just click on the comment.
Instagram offensive comments
Instagram: How to post offensive comments
  • Press the exclamation mark❗️.
  • press "Report this comment" (whether you are an iPhone or Android user).
  • Select him reason where you mention the comment - depending on the reason you choose, the report can be sent immediately or you may be asked additional questions about the comment.
Instagram offensive comments
Instagram: How to post offensive comments

Generally, you can post comments and posts on Instagram for many reasons - from intimidation and harassment to false information, sale of illicit substances in copyright and copyright infringement.

All reports are anonymous, according to the company, unless you report copyright infringement. In any case, Instagram says the account will not be able to see who mentioned it.

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offensive comments
Instagram: How to post offensive comments

How to delete comments in your posts
If such a comment is in one of your posts, you can report it and delete it. Follow the procedure above to report it first, and then follow these steps:

  • Open the comments below the post by clicking "View all comments".
  • Swipe left to comment on iPhone, tap on Android.
  • Tap the trash can icon.
  • If you want to delete many comments together, Instagram launched a feature in May 2020 for mass deletion or exclusion, but not bulk reporting.

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How to manage bulk comments

  • Open the comments by clicking "View all comments".
  • Click on them three dots in the upper right corner and select "Feedback Management".
  • Select the comments by clicking on them circles next to each.
  • Select "Delete", "Restriction" or "Exclusion", depending on what you want to do.

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