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IDOS 2, which allows you to run Windows 3.1 on the iPad, is removed

The developer iDOS 2, Litchie, revealed that he received an email from Apple, which recommends changes that restrict the application from running an environment such as Windows 3.1. Instead of accepting Apple's claims, he decided to remove the app from the company's app store soon.

iDOS 2
iDOS 2

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The application allowed Windows to run properly on the tablet, but will soon be unavailable.

Many may be wondering why the company requested the changes now, since h iDOS 2 has been around for 2 years.

The team received an email this week from Apple stating, “During the reassessment, we found that your application does not comply with the App Store Control Guidelines. Specifically, we have found that your application violates the following:

Guideline 2.5.2 - Performance - Software requirements

During the test, your application installed or started executable code, which is not allowed on App Store. "

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As of September 2020, the app has been updated to allow file sharing, but only now has Apple requested that the feature be removed, which would make the app almost useless.

Instead, the application will be removed very soon, but the team notes that you will be able to download it from the list "Buy now”If you delete it in the future.

As Litchie rightly points out, file sharing has been available on iDOS 2 since September, so it's remarkable that it took that time for Apple to notice what the app is doing.

Adding to that, Litchie also said he sent an email in September, explicitly stating that file sharing was possible. Apps like this help educate younger users about how things once were and how certain features and even user interfaces could be implemented in today's software.

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However, as it becomes increasingly difficult to use these old operating systems, it seems that Apple and others are missing out on something great that can educate tomorrow's developers and designers.

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