HomesecurityTwitter: Very low percentage of users using 2FA

Twitter: Very low percentage of users using 2FA

The Twitter revealed that only the 2,3% of all active accounts had activated at least one method authentication of two factors (2FA) between July and December 2020.

2FA is an additional level of security for protecting Twitter accounts. Requires users to use one security key or a special code, before logging in with their passwords in their accounts.

Twitter 2FA

This method ensures that cybercriminals will not be able to access Twitter accounts, even if they steal users' credentials. Only the account holder can log in.

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Last summer, a large number of celebrities' Twitter accounts were hacked by hackers despite the use of two-factor authentication. This is because hackers have been able to gain access to internal administrator systems. However, users must use 2FA to protect themselves from simpler attacks and breaches.

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Almost 80% of Twitter accounts with 2FA capability use SMS

Of the 2,3% of users who had activated 2FA during this period, 79,6% used SMS-based 2FAThe 30,9% used a multi-factor authentication (MFA) application and only the 0,5% used a security key.

Meanwhile Twitter allows activation of 2FA multiple methods per account, which means that one can use all available 2FA methods to protect one's account.

"In general, 2FA is based on SMS is the least secure because it is more vulnerable to SIM-hijacking and phishing attacks" he explains Twitter.

"Authentication apps avoid the risk of SIM-hijacking, but are still prone to phishing attacks. The Security keys are the newest and most secure form of 2FA, as well as built-in protection against phishing attacks".

However, despite the small adoption rate of 2FA, Twitter saw an increase from July to December 2020.

The low adoption rate of 2FA is an industry-wide issue as users avoid complicated account login procedures.

"Overall, these figures show the need to encourage users to adopt 2FA.", Added Twitter, while emphasizing that the process should be simplified to make it easier for users to use.

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"Simplifying 2FA methods will help increase adoption and increase security on Twitter".

Twitter: Security Keys

Twitter has been trying in recent years to upgrade and improve the platform's 2FA support, focusing on security keys as the main 2FA method.

He first introduced security keys as one of the many 2FA methods and later upgraded them.

Earlier this year, Twitter added support for using multiple security keys on 2FA-enabled accounts and, starting this month, security keys can be used as the only 2FA method.

To enable 2FA on your Twitter account, you need to go to profile menu you at Settings and Privacy and then press Security and account access (on the desktop) or Account> Security (on iOS). From there you can enable two-factor authentication.

Source: Bleeping Computer

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