HomesecurityUSA: Estonian national pleads guilty to botnet operation

USA: Estonian national pleads guilty to botnet operation

A Estonian citizen has confessed to guilt before a court of USA, for two categories on fraud and computer abuse, for its role in creating and operating one proxy botnet.

It's him 33-year-old Pavel Tsurkan, who violated more than 1.000 computers and routers worldwideIt is noteworthy that in Alaska alone it counts more than 60 victims. Tsurkan then used these devices to create a botnet Internet of things (IoT) by name “Russian2015”, which worked using the domain

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According to court documents, the 33-year-old man modified the arrangements of the violators router, aiming to use them as proxies and transmit third-party Internet traffic through them.

USA - Estonian citizen - botnet
USA: Estonian national pleads guilty to botnet operation

The accused Estonian sold access in botnet to cybercriminals from all over the world, who in turn used it in spam campaigns as well as other criminal activities.

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The US Department of Justice (DoJ) reported that Tsurkan provoked significant data overages to victims in Alaska, abusing their routers even when there were no computers connected to their home networks. This resulted in casualties to be charged hundreds or thousands of dollars for the traffic generated by the botnet.

USA - Estonian citizen - botnet
USA: Estonian national pleads guilty to botnet operation

Η trial of Tsurkan is scheduled for 10 November 2021, with the Estonian facing imprisonment of up to 10 years.

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Bryan Wilson, U.S. Deputy Attorney General for the Alaska Region, said: "Modern cybercriminals rely on increasingly sophisticated techniques to break into computers and personal electronic devices for their criminal activities. "Botnets like 'Russian2015' are a dangerous threat to all Americans, and today 's guilty indication is that we can and will hold foreign cybercriminals and their perpetrators accountable."

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