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Tesla is waiting for the new deliveries of the Model S

Buyers of Tesla Model S complain that they can not pick up their new electric vehicles, as they are told that deliveries are on hold. At this point, it is not clear why.

Tesla Model S

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After months of delays, Tesla finally began shipping the new version of the Model S last month.

The new electric sedan comes with a brand new interior design, a new second-row display powered by a new gaming computer and features a new battery and drive units, which allow some amazing performance in the Plaid version of the vehicle.

But now buyers have to wait to get these new features.

Several new buyers of the Tesla Model S told Electrek and posted on a forum that Tesla was telling them that there was a "wait" for the delivery of the new vehicle.

Buyers who waited months for their new vehicles were told they had finally arrived at their local delivery centers, but Tesla was unable to deliver them.

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They are told a number of different excuses for not being able to complete the delivery.

Many buyers say the delay is due to "new inspection standards" (hsien88; on Reddit):

However, Tesla does not tell them what it is inspecting and why it cannot publish a new delivery date.

Based on buyer reports, the suspension appears to have been in effect since last weekend.

Some buyers have expressed concern that it could be related to the fire in the Tesla Model S Plaid that broke out last month, but at the moment there are no clear indications of this.

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The CEO Elon Musk had previously said that one of the reasons for the delay between release in January and the start of deliveries in June was to "make sure the new Model S battery was safe".

Source of information: electrek.co

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