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USA - Fires: Will the July full moon turn red?

A full moon (full moon) will appear this weekend and may turn orange or even red throughout North America.

Normally, the "Deer Moon" as it is otherwise called turns orange or red during an eclipse, when the Earth blocks sunlight and our atmosphere reflects red light on the moon's surface. But this time things may be different because of the smoke from the fires that have broken out across North America.

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USA - Fires: Will the July full moon turn red?

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Since last month, fires have broken out across the Pacific Northwest, fueled by dry vegetation and a series of heat waves caused by global warming.

The fires are apparently causing smoke that has spread across the continent with states warning of air quality from Minnesota to North Carolina. The sky has turned orange almost all over North America.

This is because particles in fire smoke block the shortest wavelengths of sunlight - blue and green - and allow longer, redder wavelengths to pass through. The moon will be no exception to this sweeping paintbrush.

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"When you have smoke from fires, especially high in the atmosphere, you usually see the color of the moon reddish or orange," says Jesse Berman, an assistant professor of environmental health at the University of Minnesota, who studies extreme weather and atmospheric conditions.

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USA - Fires: Will the July full moon turn red?

If the smoke is low enough and dense, it could completely block the moon. But Berman said, "It is very likely that any area exposed to smoke from fires could see this red or orange moon."

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The moon begins to appear full from Thursday night to Sunday morning with the climax taking place on Friday night, according to NASA. The full moon of July is usually called the "Deer Full Moon", as according to tradition every year at such a time, the new stags of the stags began to come out of their foreheads, "covered" with velvet and soft hair.

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