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Kiwi Browser dev: Will release Chromium updates more often

Many web browsers use Chromium as their base. Such a browser is available for Android and is called Kiwi Browser. Developed by XDA Senior Member arnaud42. Kiwi is aimed at users with features such as built-in ad blocker, encryption protection and most importantly, extension support, a feature that most Chromium-based browsers, especially Google Chrome itself, are not available for mobile.

Kiwi Browser

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It is not easy for a free developer to maintain a Chromium fork that deviates in many ways from the main source code, so updates to the Kiwi Browser were slow and the underlying version of Chromium was not synchronized with Google releases. It gets even harder to keep track of Chromium traffic as Google recently moved from a 6-week program to a 4-week one. However, this could change soon, as future updates to Kiwi Browser will automatically include the latest version of Chromium.

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This is thanks to the work done in a project called "Kiwi Next", whereKiwi Browser is automatically updated with the latest Chromium“. The developer tells us that he is working on scripts and automation tools to follow the new release cycle of Chromium more effectively. This is what we hope will keep Kiwi in sync with the latest version of Chromium, so that users do not have to miss critical bug fixes or new browser features. Automatic refresh can lead to unforeseen errors due to code conflicts from the merger, but it seems that developers have found a way to quickly integrate their existing code over the latest version of Chromium.

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In addition to the Kiwi Next project, the developer is also working on releasing a major update to the Kiwi Browser application. The latest update is based on Chromium version 93.0.4577, so site compatibility has improved significantly, as has performance, thanks to all the improvements Google has made in recent months. The update also brings an improved content blocker, new DevTools, fixes to many malfunctioning clicks, fixes for multiple white pages, a new night mode, and a new notification management system.

But because the update is based on the latest version of Chromium, the old-fashioned vertical tab switch has been completely removed from the code base. You can see the latest Kiwi Browser update at Google Play Store now. The Play Store version is only 49MB in size, as the developer says it has been changed to the new delivery engine, but if you get the update from another source, it will be larger than 150MB.

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