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Amazon: Alexa is finally getting a male voice

Amazon has finally added a male voice to Alexa.

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The voice assistant's female voice contrasted with that of both Google and Apple's competitors, who offer a choice of different voices. All this had troubled the users as it was as if there was a separation between the two sexes.

Now the company has finally added a male voice, which seems to be called "Ziggy". Users can switch to the new voice by saying "change voice" on the Echo device. It does not appear to be stored in a single user account but is associated with each individual Echo, which means it will need to be changed throughout the house.

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It can also be configured using the Alexa application.

In addition to the new voice, users can also wake the assistant by saying the word "Ziggy" alongside the existing "Alexa", and "Computer", "Amazon" and "Echo". The new wakeword is not explicitly related to the new voice, but it was released at the same time.

In fact, Amazon refers to the two different voices as "Original" and "New" in its application. Both Google As well as the Apple use generic names for new voices, with Apple using numbers and Google referring to them in color.

Amazon has long discouraged the use of "she" or "her" in relation to Alexa, and the voice assistant itself refuses to identify with a particular gender, although its supporting documents still use feminine pronouns.

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The change comes shortly after Apple announced it would stop pre-selecting a "male" or "female" voice for Siri, a decision it said had taken on concerns that users' gender choices could be problem for inclusion.

Source of information: independent.co.uk

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