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Steam Deck Valve: The console is more impressive than we thought

A few days ago, the Valve officially announced that in December of this year will be released the Her new portable gaming PC, Steam Deck.

Steam Deck Valve
Steam Deck: Why is the Valve console more impressive than we thought?

More specifically, Valve claims to have created the most powerful and feature-rich gaming handheld device.

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The company gave some details about the technical specifications of the Steam Deck, but it seems now that updated some information to properly report the really impressive portable gaming memory specifications computer. Initially, it was reported that the Steam Deck would be equipped with dual-channel RAM, while now the company says that the new device will come with quad-channel 32-bit LPDDR5 with speeds up to 5.500MT / s.

Steam Deck Valve

The speed offered by Valve with its new portable console is the same as it was announced from the beginning.

However, switching from dual-channel LPDDR5 to quad-channel 32-bit LPDDR5 is important, as this confirms that Steam Deck will have huge bandwidth.

The Memory bandwidth is of particular importance for a Gaming device like the Steam Deck and this is also related to the chip choice of Valve.

The Steam Deck is powered by APU of AMD containing CPU and GPU at the same time and one thing that is extremely useful for an APU is memory bandwidth. This is because both the CPU and the GPU share access to the same memory pool, doubling the memory component requirements.

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A desktop computer with a separate graphics card does not have the same problem. While it is important to have enough memory bandwidth in the basic components, the "weight" is divided into two dedicated memory pools - today, this is usually DDR4 memory for the CPU and GDDR6 memory for the GPU.

In terms of other features, the Steam Deck has 7 inch touch screen. For handling there are High quality thumbsticks on both sides, d-pad and four key keys. In addition, there are two small ones on the front touchpads. At the back there are the classics shoulder buttons and triggers.

The Steam Deck also has built-in speakers, Bluetooth, a 40 watt onboard battery that lasts for several hours of gaming and much more.

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The Steam Deck will run it SteamOS, but you can also install Windows, as it will have the specifications of a mini PC.

Based on these features but also after the change in relation to the memory, it seems that the Valve laptop gaming computer will be an amazing device.

Source: PC Gamer

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